You’ve got the hottest ticket of the summer for the annual return of Sunset Music Festival invades Tampa this Memorial Day weekend, but before you head out – let’s make sure your actual SMF pass isn’t hot. Since friends don’t let friends buy scalped tickets, we wanted to share a reminder to purchase tickets from authorized outlets only!

Be aware that scammers have been lurking in the comments of posts on social media trying to coax sales out of unsuspecting individuals for non-existent tickets!

Ticket Outlets

Be wary of counterfeit tickets and avoid frauds like the flu! Assure the authenticity of your ticket by purchasing passes from authorized ticket outlets only including and Buying your passes from unauthorized outlets, like StubHub or Craigslist, risks the possibility that the ticket has been forged. Under no circumstances will fraudulent passes be validated.

Register Your Wristband

Please guard your tickets and wristbands carefully, your wristband is your ticket and will be required for entry into the festival. If you purchased a multi-day ticket, you will receive only one wristband for the entirety of the festival – do not remove it. Prices will increase and tickets may sell out as we get closer to the event. If you’ve already received your official festival wristband, register online once the wristband portal goes live and top off your account to take advantage of our cashless tap-n-go payment system with on-site vendors.

You won’t be able to soak up the awesome sights and sounds of Sunset unless you pass through the pearly gates of Raymond James Stadium. So make sure your ticket to ride is a valid SMF pass!