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The quest for a better life starts now and for a New Year’s resolution that you can keep, make the annual trip to SMF. Aim for the stars and do what truly excites you in 2018 with a fantastic voyage to Sunset Music Festival, the dead of winter will fly by in anticipation of what’s to come. Get the whole crew together to ensure your plans follow through and ignite your passion with a cross-section of today’s most electrifying acts. Signup for only 10% down!

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Less is more when it comes to stretching your dollars – payment plans give you the most bang for your buck. For an overall affordable ticketing option, we’ve integrated payment plans into the checkout process. Start now with a low deposit and split the rest into four equal installments over the coming months!

  1. Go to the ticketing page.
  2. Proceed through the checkout process selecting the type and quantity of tickets, plus add on lockers and other festive merchandise.
  3. Fill out your personal and shipping information, before choosing a payment method.
  4. Select Payment Plans along with other options like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.