Every year at Sunset Music Festival, we get excited to bring an even bigger and better production to all our devoted attendees. Looking back, it all started as a celebration to bring music lovers together and bask in a long weekend of love, positivity, and dancing. To recognize outstanding members of our festival family, and spread the love, we’re launching Celebrate Together(ness) at SMF ’17!

Life’s a Party, Let’s Celebrate Together(ness)

disco donnie presents celebrate togetherness

We provide the space, but the experience ultimately relies on you, the fans. Celebrate Together(ness) is a hub of good energy, where you can share inspiring stories that showcase how others possess the power of peace, love, unity, and respect.

Nominate Your Friends

happy front row fans

To jump start the good vibes, we’re asking you guys to highlight friends who bring the core values of how to Celebrate Together(ness) outside our festival walls and back into everyday life. Plus, look for us on-site at Sunset where we’ll be accepting live, in-person video nominations.

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for living a life with a bright light? Nominate someone who Celebrates Together(ness) by filling out our mini questionnaire including the reason behind your nomination, like specific examples of how they bring the Disco values out into the real world.


fans holding hands fireworks finale

At the end of this year’s festival season, two fans whose positive impact is undeniable will win a massive VIP prize pack!

  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Dinner with Donnie
  • Backstage tour
  • A special Celebrate Together(ness) tee shirt to wear at the festival
  • A special Celebrate Together(ness) totem to carry around at the festival
  • 10 Celebrate Together(ness) wristbands — which act as VIP bands to giveaway at the festival as a way to spread the love.