Sunset Music Festival is happening again in Tampa, FL on Memorial Day weekend and we are excited to make the forthcoming event our biggest one yet! The 2017 edition is sure to be magical and one way you can join in the fun is by becoming part of the light show with PixMob.

Join the PixMob!

PixMob is a wireless lighting technology that controls LED wristbands and other wearable objects then turns them into pixels using infrared technology. Embedded with RGB LEDs and infrared transmitters, PixMob sends instructions to the wristbands by creating a virtual map that transforms each dancer into a pixel and enables the video effects to transform them into a display screen by pulsating in sync with the music or reacting to the body’s movement.

PixMob Keeps You Lit at SMF

Used at Sensation, the opening ceremony of the Olympics, and regularly by SMF’s 2015 headliner, Tiësto, PixMob connects crowds and reinvents rituals by creating climactic moments through crowd illumination – and we’ll be able to do just that when we transform into an interactive display this May. Reserve your PixMob wristband today to enjoy this new, next-level illumination experience and stay lit at Sunset Music Festival 2017.

note: LED Wristbands from previous years are not compatible with this upgraded experience. Grab the latest version when you purchase the new PixMob LED Wristband!